On behalf of all the members that make up the University Council of the University, Teachers and Administration and Services Staff, we give you the warmest welcome to Efhre International University (EIU).

EIU is a university committed to the constant pursuit of excellence. Our fundamental objective is to guarantee the presence of talents with a teaching vocation in the university, scientific and cultural world, forming excellent professionals for their technical knowledge, for their competence development and for their values.

Our University responds efficiently to the great problems and questions of society, through a flexible educational model. The studies are offered in the modalities online and face-to-face (Flexible Distance Learning), adjusting to all the profiles of the students and thus contributing to their personal and professional development.

Efhre International University, through its International School of Medicine, as a nerve center, offers an important catalog of university degrees adapted to new technologies, information and communication, paying special attention to postgraduate programs with high quality scientific programs and sustainable self-financing They promote the acquisition of the competencies that correspond to the chosen studies and include knowledge, abilities, attitudes and values ​​of a culture based on respect for others and the environment, personalized teaching and transfer of knowledge to society.

Another of our commitments is to respond in the same way to the great demand of continuous medical-dental training (FMOC) with international recognition for a structured teaching of high professional qualification and development of new talents, paying special attention to postgraduate programs with high scientific programs Quality and sustainable self-financing that promote the acquisition of the competences that correspond to the chosen studies and include knowledge, abilities, attitudes and values ​​of a culture based on respect for others and the environment, personalized teaching and knowledge transfer to the society

Our University, which from now on is also yours, offers you a large group of highly qualified professionals and the most advanced technical resources, in order to provide you with the best training and meet the expectations deposited in us.

We expect from you commitment and effort, in return, we offer you the possibility to become a more competitive and qualified professional adapted to the demands of the current labor market.

Receive a warm welcome from the Presidency.


Efhre International University (EIU) is recognized as an institution of high prestige and leadership in the training of professionals committed to the social reality, leader in research and a reference in education based on the high qualification of its academics, its methodological innovations and the promotion from entrepreneurship to the service of society.

EIU intends, as a fundamental mission, to guarantee, in an institutional way, the presence of talents with a teaching vocation in the university, scientific and cultural world of our time, with the desire to provide a valid instrument that responds efficiently to the great problems and questions of contemporary society, contributing to the development and cultural, social and human progress of it.


Our vision is to be an academic center that responds creatively and innovatively to the needs of the world’s health, integrating education, research and care services. This is expressed in the formation of qualified professionals, committed to society and the well-being of people; in the generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge and in the delivery of the best health care.

EIU, in its main pillar of the Health Sciences, conceives its graduate as a professional with solid scientific knowledge, demanding clinical competencies, a sense of public responsibility and focused on the willingness to service the patient, valuing it in all its human dimension.

University Assessment and Quality

Based on the concepts and standards of quality it is possible to develop internal evaluation strategies, framed within cycles of continuous improvement of teaching, with two main objectives:

  • Improve the student’s training experience, ensuring the achievement of the objectives set, although the objectives are continuously reevaluated in the same way to ensure their relevance and suitability.
  • Ensure compliance in accordance with international and national standards by reviewing the indicators proposed by external evaluation agencies. For this purpose, Efhre International University raises the establishment of internal and external evaluation instances, which allow to achieve the proposed objectives.

Self evaluation and internal evaluation

The EIU establishes continuous evaluation mechanisms in accordance with the quality standards and legal requirements, in order to know the improvement aspects existing in the institution and its processes and to be able to develop strategies of active change within the institution. All this through institutional policies that encompass:

  • Relationships between teaching and research.
  • The strategies of the organization to ensure the standards and the quality.
  • The organization of the quality control system.
  •  The responsibilities of the departments, or faculties and other institutional units for the control of the quality.
  •  The involvement of students in quality policies.
  • Systems for the implementation, monitoring and review of quality policies. The continuous improvement cycle addresses the political and objective aspects, the satisfaction of the client (student), the processes that follow directly or indirectly the students, academic and administrative aspects, the teaching staff, the educational plans and the teaching methodology, the plans and projects of research and the scientific production developed, the efficiency in the use of resources available in the performance of its
  • The information produced through the evaluation gives an account of the four central aspects in the operation of a higher level institution.
  • Academic ability to produce and distribute knowledge of scientific and socially significant relevance.
  • Ability to become a dynamic factor that has a real impact on political, economic and social transformations. 3. Ability to generate and develop a self-management system that allows you with economics of efforts to reach the proposed goals.
  • Ability to modify your offer, creating or closing programs or careers when the needs and social problems so require or indicate. The proposed changes are approved, implemented, monitored and reviewed periodically in order to determine again the suitability of the change and continuous improvement. The fundamental internal aspects to evaluate are at the level of the students, the capacity of the teaching staff, the resources and the support to the student, the systems of public information.

External evaluation

The entire internal evaluation process has a wide impact on the process of external evaluation, and above all, the guarantee of the external quality of higher education. All processes must be determined and published before the processes themselves are developed. To do this, everything is reported and analyzed in order to generate reliable data and information and available for conducting external evaluations by the corresponding accreditation agencies based on the indicators and recommended criteria. This external evaluation offers a complementary evaluation of the institutional organization and its operation, through the certification by independent agencies, avoiding the subjectivity in the analysis that causes to be involved in a daily dynamics. The External Evaluation is a mechanism:

  • Synchronous, while constituting a reading primarily of the occasional institutional reality.
  • Objective, since it establishes a separation between the investigator and the object of the investigation.
  • Diagnosis, as it provides information about the institution’s achievements and deficiencies.
  • Newspaper
  • Selective, because it prioritizes the most relevant variables to carry out the measurements.
  • Therefore, the internal and external evaluation are complemented in its approaches, allowing to obtain a reliable and complete information on the institutional reality, which facilitates the objective of ensuring the quality of the product. Accreditation agencies have various quality evaluation or monitoring programs in different aspects, with which EIU is committed to working actively and committed.

Why with EIU?

1 Agreements Established with universities associated universities
Collaboration with internationally recognized universities opens even more borders in your education. Achieve quality education through interuniversity degrees, undergraduate transfer programs, and foreign degrees.

2 Strong approach to employability
Mark the difference through specialization after finishing the desired career through the workshops, initiatives, informative sessions, postgraduate and master’s, and the academic programs that have been designed in collaboration with internationally recognized partners.

3 Open to a multicultural and diverse society
Experimenting different cultures, beliefs and traditions in our learning environment with which you can find in EIU. This will allow you to gain a knowledge and experience that has no price both inside and outside the classroom.

4 Support and services for students
From immigration procedures to security issues, the student services office will help make your learning as pleasant as possible.

5 Promotion of Research
The promotion and development of research, both individual and interdisciplinary, is another of the EIU’s preferred objectives. Research is a fundamental aspect of University professors. You can get involved in the field of research if that is your vocation.

6 Publications
Our teaching staff has numerous articles published and are continuously working on new publications in indexed magazines.

7 My content is always accessible
The EIU Virtual Campus has the latest technology in e-learning and guarantees an optimal learning experience. The academic department and the Department of Quality watch for keeping the surveys of the students in the highest valuation.

8 Scholarship Program
With the objective of offering opportunities for the realization of studies for talented people. From Scholarships to internships, through scholarships for elite athletes or fellowships with department (for people interested in collaborating with EIU)

9 Public Events and Congresses
Scientific meetings of top-level experts, magisterial conferences taught by scholars in the subject, publications of books and posters, and collaboration in reference manuals used in internationally recognized courses

10 Continuing education
If you are from the health branch, you are in luck. EIU is an excellence university focused on health and sports education at the university level, but also has collaboration agreements with renowned institutions such as the Spanish Emergency Association 112 (AEM 112), so you can obtain an international credential issued by the American Heart Association (AHA), in courses such as Basic Vital Support, Advanced Cardiac Vital Support, Advanced Pediatric Vital Support … etc, essential and required degrees to work in both general and specific areas. Explore the Continuing Education section for more information

Whether by teaching, online or in person, the professors of Efhre International University are strongly committed to their personal development as leaders in their profession and in their community. Strong thinkers, passionate teachers and experts in their respective fields, drive the mission of the University mixing theory in the classroom with practical experience, allowing them to be well versed in the fundamentals, as well as with the latest technologies and practices. Their rigorous debate and interdisciplinary collaboration form an intellectual community that produces ideas that matter and enrich human life. The belief of Efhre International University in free and open research has created a unique intellectual environment among the teaching staff, which allows them to develop their work better and more in a more innovative way, thus preparing the next generation of thinkers.

Prof. Dr. Francisco Guillén Martínez, Área de Talento y Desarrollo de Competencias Personales

Prof. Rafel Donat Roca, Área de Fisioterapia y Deporte

Prof. Daniel Torres Lagares, Área de Odontología

Prof. Manuel María Romero Ruiz, Área de Odontología

Prof. Antonio López-Valverde Centeno, Área de Odontología

Prof. Jaume Escoda Francolí, Área de Odontología

Prof. Miguel Peñarrocha Diago, Área de Odontología

Prof. Paris Alejandro Fernández Pérez, Área de Psiconeuroinmunología

Prof. Xavier Cañellas Comino, Área de Psiconeuroinmunología

Prof. Carlos Pérez Ramírez, Área de Psiconeuroinmunología

Prof. Airam Fernández Pérez, Área de Psiconeuroinmunología

Prof. Enrique Lizaso Olmos, Área de Turismo Médico

Prof. David Vargas Barrientos, Área de Psiconeuroinmunología

Prof. Pau Oller Ramos, Área de Psiconeuroinmunología

Prof.ª Irene Fernández Centellas, Área de Fisioterapia y Deporte

Prof.ª Kaisa Tuominen, Área de Fisioterapia y Deporte

Prof. Cosme Gay Escoda, Área de Odontología

Prof. Alejandro Fernández Alonso, Área de Medicina Subacuática y Cámara Hiperbárica

Only those professors who have submitted the required documentation will be published in this section. The competent body to update this section is the Accreditation Committee for Teaching and Research Personnel. You can contact here

Interested in joining the faculty? Contact the Commission for Accreditation of Teaching and Research Personnel (PDI) in the email professors@eiu.education or fill in the following contact form to receive more information.





The Chair offers Educational Programmes including the following teaching areas : Age management, Functional, Regenerative & Precision Medicine. We promote the spread of the evidence knowledge for, and its cost-effective application, to achieve better prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and other issues related to health care that will lower the impact of disease based on an individual’s lifestyle, behaviour, environment, clinical, genomic, epigenomic and other molecular measures. This vision and application of Medicine, thus, aims to improve health outcomes and save money by targeting health interventions to those individuals who are most likely to benefit, underpinned by better understanding of individual diversity.

Find more about the STUDIES offered by the Chair Longevity & Precision Medicine here

Find more about the PROFESSORS offered by the Chair Longevity & Precision Medicine here


Hyperbaric Chamber treatment comes from the hand of Henshaw, a doctor, and clergyman who built the first hyperbaric chamber in the year 1662 on the premise that the increase in air pressure could alleviate some acute lesions.

The EIU undersea and hyperbaric medicine chair is struggling to bring to the public the latest and most up-to-date information about treatments with hyperbaric medicine through postgraduate training (Master, Specialist and Expert) adapted to each target group of training.









Collaboration agreements

EIU is currently working to meet its goals of offering quality education for all. In its indeclinable commitment to constant quest for excellence, it puts at the disposal of entities with the same institutional purpose, the Department of Management of Agreements and Exchanges, partners@eiu.education, in order to promote internationalization, research, services and training offer.

Efhre International University, following the agreements signed, guarantees the management of university services to students in:

Europe and Africa

EIU International Postgraduate Studies and Research, S.L.
Plaça Europa 2-4, 3ºC.
08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat,
Barcelona, España

Tel: +34 930 117 180

United States of America and Canada

EIU International
407 Lincoln Road Ste 10E
33139 Miami Beach, Florida.
United States of America

Phone: +1 (786) 693 59-58