The International Scholarship Program of Efhre International University is created with the aim of offering opportunities for postgraduate studies to talented people, able to use their knowledge to become leaders in their respective areas, facilitate and promote the expansion of studies university graduates, as well as the specialization and updating of knowledge of postgraduates, professors, and researchers to contribute to social justice, economic development, strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty, promote international cooperation and contribute to human development.

Who grants the Scholarships ?: The scholarship applications are reviewed and granted by a committee formed for that purpose, formed by a maximum of five members and which in no case can be resolved individually. Therefore, the minimum number of participants in a scholarship committee meeting will be at least two. The scholarship committee is chaired by the Secretary of the University, who will not have a casting vote.

The selected candidates will be applied in accordance with the requirements and corresponding criteria for the enrollment for each program, after selection and approval by the director of the same. There is a prioritized list of substitutes to cover possible losses or resignations.

Internship scholarships: to combine studies with internship in different centers.
Own scholarship of EIU Efhre International University: for the students that realize studies in any of the official degrees in postgraduate.
International scholarships: the offer of scholarships worldwide that EIU offers through its campuses, or for centers whose strategy is growth based on international students or in certain regions or countries.
Own collaborative scholarships by department: for those students interested in collaborating with EIU.
If you want more information about available scholarships, contact the Academic Commission at