Mediterranean Forum Multidisciplinary Against Pain

It is a scientific meeting of doctors and other specialists, with the aim of agreeing protocols of action and guidelines in the treatment of pain, to alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life of patients and family members.
Parallel to the scientific activities developed in the congress, it offers family and friends events to raise awareness and make more visible what is invisible: pain. That is why, year after year, the School of Family and Patients with Pain manages to gather family, friends and patients with pain with specialist doctors to share opinions and latest trends in the management of pain.

European Multidisciplinary Pain Meeting (EMPM)

It is the largest meeting of the interdisciplinary international scientific community where international professionals dedicated to the study, research, management and treatment of pain share criteria to improve an invisible evil that affects 20% of the world population according to the World Health Organization. Health (WHO). The event aims to improve the standard of living of pain patients by offering a tailored treatment to their ailments using the latest technological advances and the results of current scientific research.

International Congress of Pain EFHRE Sinedolore

Event of special impact at an international level, where specialists from all over the world share with patients and relatives the most relevant advances in the improvement of the quality of life of patients with pain.

EMNIPRE, European Multidisciplinary Network in Pain Research and Education

Formed a group of Doctors specialized in the treatment of pain which, beyond the activity carried out in the congress, carry out scientific research activity in their own consultation, and using common patterns to the whole group, they take the results every October and share scientific knowledge explaining the elements there and conclusions of the studies.

I International Medical Tourism Congress (IMTC)

The objective of this meeting is to share the medical offer that is offered beyond the borders of residence of the patients, as well as to alleviate the waiting list of them. In the same way, make visible and accessible new techniques that are not known in different countries and that could be attractive in others.